I left Belfast and Northern Ireland on Saturday 18th of July. All travel expenses paid by my future company, baggage limited to the amount of 20 kg. The first thing I noticed is that what kind of crap and stupid things one has the time to collect and burden himself in one year abroad. I have to say I gave up a lot of things, and the charity shops were probably delighted to see all the winter clothes I donated, and I mailed myself other things like books, but the worst thing was the sound of the crows telling me : you are not allowed to take two bags on hold in the plane, only one ! I spent a really bad night, wondering which bag a tyrannical check-in agent will oblige me to give up at the airport. And in the end… It went perfectly well ! All this crap about “you are allowed only one bag” is just BS ! I had 19,5 kg when leaving Belfast with two bags. On the other hand, my two colleagues travelling with me had one bag, which weighed 31 kg.

The curious thing is that in London Heathrow, when I did the check-in for Olympic Airlines (see pic), they found only 18kg for my two bags J Two explanations : someone stole some stuff from my bags, or they definitely need to revise their scales !

We left Heathrow with one hour of delay, due to no explicable reasons worth mentioning to the passengers, did a pretty safe and nice flight, with a kind of traditional Greek meal above the Adriatic (see photos). One curious thing was that 99% of the passengers were wearing flip-flaps, shorts, t-shirts, while we were laden with the maximum of clothes on us in order to avoid the wrath of the check-in agents.

And at last, around 7pm, we arrived at the Airport, crammed ourselves into a taxi, already sweating all the water of our body, and at last, arrived at the (soon notorious) hotel booked by our company.


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