Affichage des articles du septembre, 2009

Trip to Aegina

Aegina is the biggest island of the Sarunic Gulf, and is 1h15 away from Piraeus. It’s the first island I officially visited during my stay in Athens, probably because it is the closest one :-) The first thing you will notice before entering the port is a solitary column, the remains of the acropolis of the city. And just after, you’ll enter the port :The port is a busy place, filled with bars, restaurants, fisheries, boats, etc. The main attraction are Agios Nikolaos the Sailor (first pic) and Panagitsa (second pic), the two churches.Two facts about Aegina : first of all, it was the shelter of the first government of the modern Greek state, during the years 1816-1829, and the government used to meet up in the Markellos Tower (left picture) and also, the island is famous in Greece for cultivating the pistachios. You don’t need to go far out of town to find the first orchards of pistachios-trees (right pic). So I discovered what looks like a pistachio on its tree and also a lot of shops…

Piraeus / Le Pirée

To go to the islands of the Saronic Gulf and the Cyclads and beyond, the famous port of Athens will be your main gate. I didn’t find the city in itself beautiful or noteworthy, quite anarchic streets, pavements, trash everywhere and destitute buildings here and there. However, the south shore of the peninsula of Piraeus is covered by nice restaurants and terraces filled with Greek people until late in the afternoon on Sundays, from which you can admire the sea and, on the horizon, the endless steam of tankers :Marina Zea is the West harbour for light boats :Cruise ship covering the Egean Sea and beyond :On the dock, waiting for a ferry :On the ferry leaving the port, direction Aegina, very early on a Saturday morning :

Goran Bregovic in Athens !

Thanks to his Alkohol Tour, Goran Bregovic and his “wedding and funeral”  band was in Athens ! and for his last show, it was free, on Sunday 13th of September, at the 3rd Marina of Glyfada. Unfortunately, my camera is not really good at night. I can just post these two pictures (showing only half of the band), it’s the best I took this night, which lasted almost 2h30 of non-stop music ! he played new songs as well as his greatest hits (especially the ones he composed for Kusturica like “Arizona Dream”) as Greek traditional songs, and finished, at the request of the crowd, with his famous “Kalachnikov”. A great show.Maybe this video will give a better idea of the show and of the audience, sorry if it’s short, sorry if there is no sound ! at least you can spot Goran, he is sitting, in his white suite.