Sunday 27 of September was Day of Culture, and as such, all museums and archeological sites in Athens (and in Greece as well I guess) were free ! I was absolutely not aware of this when I entered the new Acropolis Museum on Sunday morning.
Outside Acropolis Museum 
Museum from Acropolis Museum Ruins
P9270301 P9270298
From balcony
As you can see on the picture above the Museum is built on the same plan as the Acropolis itself : the last floor, the glass one, is built a little sideways, just like the Parthenon on top of  the Acropolis, so that they are perfectly parallel. At least, I think that’s what they aimed at. All the museum is devoted to the Acropolis site, and most of the statues and marbles have been sheltered into the Museum itself. If I have understood well, the goal is to have a kind of giant counterfeit on the top of the Acropolis and to keep all the original and more precious things in the museum.
I must say I was not really overwhelmed by the museum. There are less stuff than what I expected, no clear path or disposition of the elements, and to be frank the shops are disappointing too. The Louvres is safe ! Moreover, it is forbidden to take photos inside the Museum. I know, it’s a shame. That’s why I took one :
Inside Acropolis Museum
This is on the top floor. It shows the marbles which used to be on the southern flank of the Parthenon.


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