Goran Bregovic in Athens !

Thanks to his Alkohol Tour, Goran Bregovic and his “wedding and funeral”  band was in Athens ! and for his last show, it was free, on Sunday 13th of September, at the 3rd Marina of Glyfada. Unfortunately, my camera is not really good at night. I can just post these two pictures (showing only half of the band), it’s the best I took this night, which lasted almost 2h30 of non-stop music ! he played new songs as well as his greatest hits (especially the ones he composed for Kusturica like “Arizona Dream”) as Greek traditional songs, and finished, at the request of the crowd, with his famous “Kalachnikov”. A great show.

P9130113 P9130114

Maybe this video will give a better idea of the show and of the audience, sorry if it’s short, sorry if there is no sound ! at least you can spot Goran, he is sitting, in his white suite.


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