Piraeus / Le Pirée

To go to the islands of the Saronic Gulf and the Cyclads and beyond, the famous port of Athens will be your main gate. I didn’t find the city in itself beautiful or noteworthy, quite anarchic streets, pavements, trash everywhere and destitute buildings here and there. However, the south shore of the peninsula of Piraeus is covered by nice restaurants and terraces filled with Greek people until late in the afternoon on Sundays, from which you can admire the sea and, on the horizon, the endless steam of tankers :

Piree 3 P9130095

Marina Zea is the West harbour for light boats :

Piree 2

Cruise ship covering the Egean Sea and beyond :

Piree 1

On the dock, waiting for a ferry :

Port du Piree 1

On the ferry leaving the port, direction Aegina, very early on a Saturday morning :

 Depart du Piree

P9190120 P9190124


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