Trip to Aegina

Aegina is the biggest island of the Sarunic Gulf, and is 1h15 away from Piraeus. It’s the first island I officially visited during my stay in Athens, probably because it is the closest one :-)

image image

The first thing you will notice before entering the port is a solitary column, the remains of the acropolis of the city. And just after, you’ll enter the port :

Kolona 3Kolona 2 Port Aegina 5  

The port is a busy place, filled with bars, restaurants, fisheries, boats, etc. The main attraction are Agios Nikolaos the Sailor (first pic) and Panagitsa (second pic), the two churches.

Agios Nikolaos the Sailor P9190229

Aegina Front de Mer

Two facts about Aegina : first of all, it was the shelter of the first government of the modern Greek state, during the years 1816-1829, and the government used to meet up in the Markellos Tower (left picture) and also, the island is famous in Greece for cultivating the pistachios. You don’t need to go far out of town to find the first orchards of pistachios-trees (right pic).

Markellos Tower

Pistache 1 So I discovered what looks like a pistachio on its tree and also a lot of shops devoted to this market, for tourists especially :

Pistache 2 Pistache 4

To visit the island in itself, I rented a bike (5euros/day). First I did the north shore (14 kms one way) :

P9190170 Souvala 2

Vagia P9190173

And after that, I did the south-west coast till Perdikas :

Cote Sud Ouest 2Before Perdikaz 2

Moni Island

And then, after 48 kilometers in total on my bike, it was time to take the ferry back and go home, escorted by the sea gulls. I missed a lot, especially on the inside of the island which shelters a monastery and a temple, and Aghia Marina on the East coast has a great beach, but 48kms was enough for this time.

Ferry Mouette 1


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