Affichage des articles du octobre, 2009

G.I.G.N. in Athens

Not the real G.I.G.N. of course, but the Carnage Production’s street theater group’s GIGN : Groupe d’Intervention Globalement Nul. Though, they are not so globally “nul” as they pretend, because they open first their spectacle from a balcony, and close it with a nice piece of stunt, which, after 45 minutes of blunders and jokes, you don’t really expect from them, and it is always a great success therefore with the audience. This is part of the First Internation Street Theather Festival of Athens. There are more spectacles all over the city centre until the 20th of October.


Agistri is a very small island of the Saronic Gulf, straight in front of Aegina. Its population is under 1000 inhabitants. This time, I captured the seagulls flying with the ferry on video : And at last, at the end of the day, back to Piraeus, at sunset :