Rhodes / Ρόδος

On this island i was told at least 5 times “it’s better to come in summer”… Well, at least, Rhodes in December is good because no fat tourist in flashy shirts is spoiling your pictures !

Agrandir le plan

Rhodes (403 kilometers from Athens, one hour by plane) is totally Greek now but the scenery brings you back 5 centuries ago when Western European knights from all over Europe where the masters of it and fought in the Crusades. See for yourself :

Liberty Gate Fontaine

Church Virgin of the Burgh

Colona 3

Cannon gate

Rue Irroton Rue Irroton 4

Of course, the island of Rhodes was a very important place in Antiquity and Rhodes was famous for the Colossus which used to stand at the entrance of the port, until it was destroyed by an earthquake :

Entree port 2

Entree port 4

Of course, after the  Knights Hospitaller came the Ottomans in 1522 and they left also their stamp on the architecture of the city :


And of course there is the landscape, always great :

NorthWest Coast

I’ll be back in Summer, for sure :)


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