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DELPHI is a little village 3 hours away from Athens by car, on the southern slope of the Parnassus, which is famous for the Temple of Apollon and the Pythie, the Oracle the Ancient Greeks used to consult on many occasions (wars, founding of colonies, etc).

Temple Appolon 2

P3180151 Entree

Pythie Maquette

To thank the temple and the God, the cities which requested the advices of the Pythia built little temple on the site, which were called “Treasures”. All of them were destroyed, only the Athenian Treasure was rebuilt.

Tresor Athenes 2 Tresor Sicyone

And of course, no Greeks without a theater :


Moreover, Ancient Greeks knew the good places so the ruins are not the only point to go to Delphi. Nature around is astounding :


ARACHOVA on the other hand is a little village just before Delphi which doesn't look like anything Greece is usually referred to. It actually looks like a little ski mountain village in the French, Swiss or Austrian Alps and is worth taking a look at and a stroll in.

Arahova 2

And all these places are in the shadow of the Parnassus Mount :

Arahova Parnasse Parnasse


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