Epidaurus and Methana

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From Nafplio, you have the choice : you can go on to the rest of the Peloponnesus, or go to Mycenes, or Argos, or head to Epidaurus. And that’s what I did : renting a car, and hitting the road to the site of the Ancient Theater.

Epidaure Theatre 3

Epidaure Theatre 8

Of course, when we think about Epidaurus, the Theater is the first thing to pop up in our mind, just like the Eiffel Tower pops up in our mind when we say Paris, but Epidaurus was not only this. It was a kind of health and medecine hub, a bit like Delphi was a divinatory hub. This is where Asclepius, god of medecine, was born, according the legend. Therefore, it was thriving, and could afford his own stadium :

Epidaure Stade

After Epidaurus, I went on to the volcanic island of Methana, which is not really an island, being still linked to the continent by a tiny isthma large enough to let the cars go, but still…

Methana Isthme

The volcanic aspect of the island probably explains why, on entering the town, you’ll see a blur smelly pond on your left, which smells like rotten eggs, probably sulfur, and which, i guess, gives its name to the place.

Methana 3


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