Affichage des articles du décembre, 2010

Athens Zoo

Actually, it’s called the Attiko Parko, the Zoological Part of Attika, but anyway, who is fooled ? It’s the zoo of Athens :) If you want to go there by bus or metro, be careful : you need to go to the station Doukissis Plakentia (the line of the airport), then take the bus 319, until the townhall of Spata, and after the 320. When you’re in the 320, be extra careful because there is actually very very signs indicating the zoo itself. Ask the driver.This is actually quite a nice place, with a wide range of animals to see, from the birds to the reptiles, through the big cats, and of course, the common poultry and rabbits let loose in the paths of the zoo. Here are some specimens.Entrance : 15 euros.

In Ruins

Extracts from The Guardian of December 3rdThe temple of Poseidon at Sounion is one of Greece's most romantic ruins. Immortalised by Byron, who carved his name into one of its columns, it is among the country's greatest crowd-pullers, drawing more visitors than any other site in the Attica area surrounding Athens after the Acropolis.But the 5th-century BC treasure is also a picture of neglect, its sandstone fortifications, once the glory of ancient Greece, a jumble of stones reinforced by metallic supports.For three years, a study painstakingly outlining the walls' renovation has lain on the desk of Dimostheni Ziro, the architect in charge of the department overseeing restoration of ancient monuments. Yet it has done little more than collect dust."Monuments don't vote," he says ruefully. "And this is a country with a disproportionate number of them. Even at the best of times we are hard pressed to preserve our cultural heritage but the economic crisis has…