Athens subway

The 1st February 2011, due to the "crisis", the price of a single metro ticket in Athens was raised by 40%, just like all the other prices offered by the metro. Until then the single metro ticket cost 1 euro. After that day : 1,40 euro. But the truth is that it is still a very good price for a metro network which is one of the best network Athens offer : it's clean, it's cheap, it's safe. Each station has its own cleaning-ladies taking care of it. Sincerely, Athens metro is world-class, and which other metro can boast to display archeological treasures ? Look at the Syntagma station:

Here is a map of the Athens metro network below. Note that it's connected to the new airport. And bear in mind that you have also a world-class tramway system which goes from Syntagma to Glyfada and to Olympiakos Stadium and you have a pretty decent transportation system - when there is no strike of course.


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