The Souvlaki is probably, even more than Mousaka, the most famous Greek dish, the one which is not reserved only for special occasions and can be enjoyed by everybody anytime, anywhere, but also the most confusing. Indeed, Souvlaki can present itself as roasted meat (pork, chicken or lamb) on a pike (pic1), simple, or inside a pita (flat bread) peppered with chips and veggies and tsatsiki or mayonnaise sauce (pic2). 

The price for a Souvlaki with pita ranged from 1,80 euros to 2 euros, and the quality, we must say, can vary from shop to shop, but in Athens, there is no contest that the best Souvlakis I ever ate were from Ο ΛΕΒΕΝΤΗΣ, ΠΕΙΣΙΣΤΡΑΤΟΥΣ 81 in Kallithea. Service was awful though.

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