Affichage des articles du avril, 2011

It's Easter in Greece

And the merchandising of the Greek football clubs is in full swing ! Choose your eggs.

Santorini – Nea and Palia Kameni

Eventually, the last excursion was for the volcanic islands of NeaandPalia Kameni, in the center of the archipelago. There are multiple offers to go there by boat, some include just the visit to the first island, some to the hot springs on the second island, some a complete tour of the caldera, etc…
To go there, you first need to go to the Old Port and I advise you to have good shoes if you don’t want to slip into donkey’s dung.

Santorini – Black beach, Ancient Thira and Red Beach

Agrandir le planOnce you have seen Thira and Oia, it’s time to head southward, in direction of the airport, situated near Kamari, a town more quiet than Thira and which has a real black beach, a beach made of volcanic stone. It’s especially striking from above :If you take the airplane to come to Thira, like I did, Kamari will be the first town you’ll see, and also you’ll see the mountain : On top of this mountain, not very conspicuous on this video, are the remains of the ancient Thira town, which was the real center of the island, a thousand years ago, but first to reach it you’ll have to climb up that road :And when you arrive on top of that, you can see the other side of the mountain, towards the town of Perissa :But first, it’s worth visiting ancient Thira and the huge remains left :Once it’s done, it’s time to head to Akrotiri, on the south-west tip of the main island. On your way, enjoy the panorama :And at last, you can relax on the Red Beach :


The tears of Chios are the best kept secret of Greece healthy lifestyle. We all know about the olive oil produced by Greece and exported worldwide, but on the island of Chios exists a tree which produces a special kind of resin called Mastiha (or mastic) known since Antiquity and used as a remedy for all kind of illness : the Pistacia lentiscus.

This tree is actually quite common around the Mediterranean sea, but there in Chios, in the south part of the island to be precise, the resin of that tree is harvested since times immemorial.This resin, originally liquid, is sun-dried and turned into a natural gum.

The properties of that gum are breathtaking if you allow me to say so. It was used as a cosmetic as a breath freshener and a tooth-whitener, but it has been proved also very useful for peptic ulcers, and its anti-bacterial properties are excellent to prevent tooth decay. Last but not least, it seems to absorb cholesterol !

It is also widely used in cooking on both sides of the Aegean. …

Santorini – Thira and Oia

Agrandir le plan Santorini is a little archipel of 4 islands of the Cyclads, which is famous for being the remain of a former larger island destroyed by a volcanic eruption more than 3000 years ago.  Nowadays, it is the icon of Greek tourism. The main towns are Thira and Oia, both built on the edge of the cliffs, overlooking the caldera :