Santorini – Black beach, Ancient Thira and Red Beach

Agrandir le plan

Once you have seen Thira and Oia, it’s time to head southward, in direction of the airport, situated near Kamari, a town more quiet than Thira and which has a real black beach, a beach made of volcanic stone. It’s especially striking from above :

Black beach

Black beach and kamari

If you take the airplane to come to Thira, like I did, Kamari will be the first town you’ll see, and also you’ll see the mountain :

On top of this mountain, not very conspicuous on this video, are the remains of the ancient Thira town, which was the real center of the island, a thousand years ago, but first to reach it you’ll have to climb up that road :

Ancient Thira Route 2

And when you arrive on top of that, you can see the other side of the mountain, towards the town of Perissa :


But first, it’s worth visiting ancient Thira and the huge remains left :

Ancient Thira Stoa 2

Ancient Thira 2 Ancient Thira Theater



Temenos 2 Temenos 3

Ancient Thira Stoa

Ancient Thira and Perissa 2

Once it’s done, it’s time to head to Akrotiri, on the south-west tip of the main island. On your way, enjoy the panorama :


And at last, you can relax on the Red Beach :

Red Beach

Red Beach 4 Red Beach 8

End of Part II


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