Santorini – Nea and Palia Kameni

Eventually, the last excursion was for the volcanic islands of Nea and Palia Kameni, in the center of the archipelago. There are multiple offers to go there by boat, some include just the visit to the first island, some to the hot springs on the second island, some a complete tour of the caldera, etc…
santorini_map To go there, you first need to go to the Old Port and I advise you to have good shoes if you don’t want to slip into donkey’s dung.

As soon as you reach Nea Kameni, the first island, the biggest one, you realize you are entering into another world : the place is desert, there is a kind of reddish meager vegetation growing on a magma of lava solidified thousands of years ago:
P2110043Palea Kameni
Palea Kameni 2P2130387  
Palea et Santo
  Palea crattt
Just behind Nea Kameni, is the sister island : Palea Kameni. As its name indicates, it’s older than the big one, and it’s famous for its hot springs. You can actually swim to it… And I did it… And i can tell you it’s not THAT hot that it deserves a swim :-P
Nea Kameni
And that’s it for Santorini. Here is a last picture to conclude :
Mille feuilles


  1. Me gusta mucho el blog, las fotografías son muy buenas, los mapas son muy divertidos, y la compaña mucho mejor.....

  2. Excellent, I'd love to swim to Palia Kameni and back. Glad someone has done it beforehand ;) Do you recommend it? Are the waters calm? Are boats a danger? Is the water clear or murky? Is there a natural starting point on Nea Kameni? Thanks!


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