Last month in Greece, and last visit of a Greek landmark : the island of Crete. From Piraeus, for 36 euros, a normal ferry will bring you in 8h30 to the largest city of Crete : Iraklion.

Iraklion is not a fantastic city. It has become with time, like Athens, a city devoted to concrete, but the old city still has some nice architecture, from the Venitian period mainly, like the Loggia, siege of the municipal office :
Loggia 2
Loggia Int
Here is the church Saint-Titus :
Church Church Side 2
Here is Saint Minas church :
Saint Minas Saint Minas 2
Here is the Fountain Morosini :
Fountain Morosini
And of course without its fortifications, the city would never have sustained a 22 years siege against the Ottomans :
Fortress 2
Fortress Lion
Last but not least, here is a treat for the french-speakers :


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