The main advantage, when you take the ferry to Crete, compared to the plane, is that you arrive in Iraklion  center, a hundred meters away from the main bus station, which can take you to any city in Crete AND to the ruins of Knossos. You can jump off the ferry, leave your backpack at the bus station for 2 euros, and jump into the bus for Knossos for 1,5 euros. Simple as that.

Knossos is only 20 minutes from the city center. My advice is to go as early as possible, because after 10am, the buses arrive regularly to unload hundreds and hundreds of tourists groups on the site and there is a good chance that you might see nothing more than a crowd after that.

Knossos escalier
Knossos entranceInterieur
Knossos big stairs 2
Knossos is quite controversial because Sir Arthur Evans, who purchased the site and made his mission to bring it back to life, chose to reconstruct some parts on his own assumptions. So, there must be today almost as much concrete in Knossos as original stones from the Minoan dynasty. It gives a good glimpse of what the temple should have looked like but some details must be taken with a bit of salt.
 Knossos ruins
Knossos Cour
Salle du trone 3
These paintings and frescoes are all copies of the originals, which are being saved in the archeological museum of Irakleion, which boasts some of the greatests artefacts of ancient Greece and that next post will cover !


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