To go to Meteora, you can take the train from Athens. There is a train at 8:21 am every day. 5 hours more or less and 14,60 euros. You can also take a bus from Ktel Terminus B in Athens. Timetable and price here. However, the bus stops at Trikala. You have to take another bus or train to get to Kalambaka and Kastraki, where are the Meteora monasteries.

from Varlaam
The trip by train is a bit slow sometimes and don’t expect it to be on time when you arrive, but at least you’ll have the opportunity to see the mountains of central Greece.
And as soon as you arrive in Kalambaka, prepare to be overwhelmed :
P4070006 Kalabaka P4070025 P4070042 Kastraki sunset

Rock at Sunset
And the icing on the cake, if I’m allowed this expression, are the monasteries. There are only 6 of them remaining, but that’s quite enough for your legs. Be sure to check which ones are open which day. For example, Great Meteoron is closed on Tuesdays.
from Varlaam
Varlaam bridge
Varlaam from south
Rousseno et aure derriere
Mountains 2

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