Iraklion-Rethymno by bus : 7,60 euros. 1h30.


Rethymno is a really nice little town which, even more than Iraklion, has kept a lot of its historical monuments, among which a lot of the Ottoman and Venitian period. The most impressive being the fortezza built by the Venitians to protect the old city :
Fortress10 Fortress 2

Fortress 4
Fortress 6
Fortress 9
In the middle of the fortress is also the Ibrahim Khan Mosque, which serves nowadays as an exhibition center :
Fortress 13 Ibrahim Khan mosque Int
Fortress 12
From the beaches on the East, the fortress is even more impressive and looms like a huge shadow over the city :
Fortress from beach 3
And yes, the beaches are as good as it seems :) Clean sands, clean water, and lot of waves :)
The old city is really worth a visit with its narrow streets and the wooden galleries on the facades of the houses :
Maison bois 2
Maison bois Maison bois 3
And let’s not forget the Venitian port :
Old Port
Nor the remains of the Muslim community :
Mosque Mosque 2
And if you are a solo traveller, don’t hesitate to go to the YOUTH HOSTEL of Rethymno. Best company, best staff and best advices for the best of trip.


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