Thessaloniki : Agia Sofia, Agios Dimitrios, Alcazar and Agora Modiano

Istanbul is not the only city to have its Agia Sofia.
Agia Sofia road

Agia Sofia 2
Agia Sofia 5
Not a really intricate design on the outside, it’s like a proto-christian church. And was by the way changed to a Mosque after the capture of the city by the Ottomans in the 15th century. Like most of the Orthodox churches, the inside is much more impressive.
Inside Agia Sofia 2
However, this church comes arguably second in importance for the town, after the one of Agios Dimitrios, who is the saint of the city itself :
Agios Dimitrios
Bear in mind that the original church was destroyed during the great fire of 1917 and most of its mosaics lost, but the church has not lost its importance.
Agios Dimitrios 2
Agios Dimitrios 3
Thessaloniki has also remains from the Ottomans period, like the Hamza Bei Mosque. Built in 1467, it is the largest Mosque in Greece.
Mosquee Alcazar
And just in front of this Mosque is also the Skepasti Agora / Bezesteni, a bazaar in the most Oriental-like style with its little cuppolas, which was deemed one of the best in the Balkans :
Last, on the east of the Aristotle Square, make sure to visit the Modiano Market, it took its name from Elie Modiano, a member of the Jewish community who designed the roof arcade for this place which is the real supermarket of the whole town:
P4090254 P4090272 P4090270
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