Thessaloniki : Heptapyrgion and Alexander the Great

Thessaloniki has the most impressive fortifications remains I have seen, after the ones in Istanbul.

Of course, you’ll need to climb up the slopes of the city, to reach the Trigonion tower (right), and the Heptapyrgion (Seven towers) fort, on top of the city.
Walls 6 P4100397
Walls 5
The Heptapyrgion was the main fort, and in more recent history it has been used as a prison :
Heptapyrgos entrance
Copie de Heptapyrgos
The main entrance is decorated with several stone carvings :
Bas relief oiseaux Bas relief lionne Bas relief chien Bas relief oiseauxx
As well as with an Arab engraving :
Bas relief arabe

Last but not least, let’s get back to the sea front for the statue of Alexander O Megas, ALEXANDER THE GREAT himself :

Alex 4


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