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As soon as I was back from Istanbul, my wanderlust took the best of me, and I took off to Nafplio for the weekend.

Agrandir le plan Nafplio is a really nice little city in the Gulf of Argos. It was the second capital of Greece, from 1829 to 1834, right after Egina. The location of the city, on the slopes of two sharp hills, were perfect for an Acropolis in ancient times, and afterwards for fortifications. The city was in control of Byzantines, then Franks after the Crusades, then Venitians (as can be seen with the images of winged lions everywhere in town) and last by the Ottomans. This is where Ioannis Kapodistrias, first head of State of modern Greece, took office, and where he was later assassinated.

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Cape Sounio

At the extreme south-east point of the Attica, the region Athens is the main city, you will find the Poseidon Temple, built around the 5th century B.C on Cape Sounio.

Agrandir le plan This temple is famous because it was the first and the last sign of “civilization” seen by the Athenians travellers when they were out of the Saronic gulf on their ships. Even Homer mentioned Sounion in his poems. It was dedicated to Poseidon because Athens was always a big naval power, but also it was more than a temple : excavations showed a big and fortress wall all around the hill of the temple. It controlled entrance to the gulf.

To go there, one just needs to go to Victoria Station in metro, then walk in direction of the Areon Pedio (the Mars Field) and you’ll see lines and lines of buses waiting for departure. Just ask for direction, and it will cost you 5,70 euros and 1h45 minutes to reach the cape Sounion. Don’t forget to bring your bathsuit because there is a beach at the foot of the hill.

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